Chakra Indigo Blue Third Eye Tree of Life

Image of Chakra Indigo Blue Third Eye Tree of Life

This is the third in the Chakra Tree of Life series called Indigo. Indigo is the color of the Brow Chakra, that is also called the Third Eye Chakra.

Indigo reminds us of the night sky and it is the symbol of spiritual knowledge, inner communication, perseverance and the ability to listen and intuitive healing.

In the chromatherapy the colour indigo is used to strengthen the immune system and the lymph system, to cleanse and detoxify the blood and to detoxify the body. This colour also heals an overactive thyroid and headaches. Indigo has a sedative effect and therefore an 'overdose' of indigo can lead to depression.

In lore indigo can be used to cleanse the body while taking a bath or shower prior to a ritual.

This piece is made with Swarovski crystals wired onto Argentium silver plated, tarnish resistant silver wire. Comes on a 20" ball chain.

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